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About Somraj Mondal

FactSomraj was founded by Somraj Mondal, Blogger, Networker.

 If you talk about my personal life. my first best friend is my Mobile and My Computer. I can stay anywhere in this world without anybody if I have my mobile and with me.  I have always kept my interest in the Internet In Technology and in fact from a teenager. I always kept in my mind that we are working in that world which is changing day by day, so we have to keep interested in this otherwise there will be one day when we have to work here by getting forced.

I have started my journey from 2018 when I was in the 12th standard. from that time to now I have always focused on the development of myself and I always follow one rule in my life that it does not matter how you work but you should work in the right direction, no doubt you will achieve your goals but it will take a lot of time.


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