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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Permalink: How to Use in your Blogspot Blog (2020)

Hey buddy, This is a complete guide of use permalink for your Blogspot Blog in 2020.

In this guide, you will learn :

  • What is Permalink
  • Permalink for better SEO
  • Video
  • Lot's More

So, let's start,


A few years ago, the Blogspot team added a new set of advanced Blogspot SEO features.

This feature helps to get better SEO ranking for Blogspot Blog. Although, one of the things I still see in the update is the option to use custom permalinks in Blogspot.

This is a feature that really makes a lot of difference to your blog's SEO and finally, we have the Blogspot Page URL or Permalink option available.

However, before we go further and learn how to use Permalink before learning how to use it for better SEO in your Blogger blog:

        What are Custom Permalinks? 

Stick me here in Blogspot Blog, before that we can't control the Page URL behavior of Blogspot blogs and by default, it removes some stop words and when you use longer headlines, it removes the extended words from permalink.

Here is an example of Normal vs Custom Permalink:

Example 1 :

  1. https://www.factsomraj.com/2018/10/computer-information-and-13-interesting.html  
  2. https://www.factsomraj.com/2020/02/blogging.html

In the first point, My main keyword is Computer but I used many keywords in the URL. This is why The URL is ugly and bad looking which Google hates.

In the second point, I just want to focus on keywords Blogging, and that’s why I removed all other Keywords. Simple but very effective.

Previously, we didn't have the option to change the Blogger Post URL Structure, but in a recent SEO addition, the Blogspot team announced the availability of configuring Permalink on Blogspot Blog. 

Unlike WordPress, we can only control Permalink on a single post level, but the site is not comprehensive. What's more, the controls are limited and we can't take months and years off from Post URL. 

However, still, this new change makes Blogspot SEO even better.

I hope the Blogspot team will improve the option to change Permalink.

        How to Use Blogspot Permalink for Better SEO? 

When it comes to permalink configuration at a single post level, the keyword idea is to remove all the stopping words and use your target or Long Tail Keyword in Post Link. 

Depending on which keyword you are targeting, you can target short-tail or Long-Tail keywords. If you are new to keyword searching, you can refer to my Guide for Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner for Beginners.

1. How to change the permalink in Blogger?

Now, see it

when you write a blog post in Blogspot, look for the Blogger Page Permalink option, simply click on it, select the custom URL and add your Post URL there. I know for a stranger, this may look like rocket science to your own link.

2. How to Remove Date from Permalink in Blogger?

Unfortunately, there is no option to remove the date from permalink in Blogger at this time. In the future, if Google Blogger upgrades its feature, so there will be a chance to remove Date in Post URL.

I'll explain it in simple English below point.

When you're writing a new blog post and let's say your title

3. How To Do SEO Of Your Blogspot Blog By default?

Blogspot chooses this type of link:


Without using Permalink for so long, add a simple and short.

4. How To Blogspot-SEO Or Blogspot-SEO In Custom URL

 Remember, your keywords are separated by a '-' (dash).

In addition to this, you can refer to our previous Guide on On-Page SEO which will help you understand how to target keywords in a blog post.

Let's Check out this Video by Matt Cuts:

Currently, you can use the following characters in the custom URL field (A-Z) (a-z) (0-1), underscores, dashes, and periods. I would not recommend using underscore on Permalink, and if you need more information.

One more thing you should keep in mind, do not to change your Blogger page Permalink after publishing an article not only in Blogger But also in Wordpress (on any platform unless you can set up 301 redirects).


In conclusion, I hope you understand all of the details Blogger Permalink and Permalink SEO.

If you still have questions about Blogspot's custom URL structure, let me know in the comments and I'd love to reply.

According to you, What's the problem of changing URL after Publish Post?

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