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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Image Optimization : How to Do (2020 Update)

Image Optimization is one of the simple parts of your SEO Camogion with On-Page Optimization.
This is too much tough for getting better search ranking when a search engine is Smarter.
image optimization

We all know, On-page optimization is the pillar of your website SERP ranking. And Image optimization is the most important part of this.
Images are a powerful visual component of a webpage. They say that 'A picture is better than 1000 Words'.
If you can not properly set your Image on your webpage, It will destroy your whole website Impression.
However, Images can be a good source of traffic from Google Image Search and other image search engines.

Image optimization for SEO Techniques

       Image Relevancy 

When you analyze SEO optimization in the Image section of your site, you missed this point.
It's Image Relevance !!  
It is one of the important points of Image Relevance. When you write about Bus in your post but you add a train image in this article, it is not good. I know common sense but this step is so important that I cannot avoid it.


The alt tag is the most important thing in the image optimization factor. Alt stands out as an option. If the image may not be displayed or is taking too long to load, the text in the alt tag will be displayed in place of the image.
alt text image

Most of the cases, major search engines are text-based, meaning they can't read images and videos. The location of your images will appear as a blank space in search engines. These vacancies are in no way good for your SEO. The alt tag not only tells search engines that an image has been placed here, but it also informs your subject matter.

        How to name image for SEO  

When it's come to save the name of the image! Everyone avoids it for choosing a name.
Please, Avoid the default image file names, such as "IMG0098.jpg" because it does not provide too much information about the image.
Look at your URL, you just implement your Focus Keyword.
In the same way, You have to rename your image with the main keyword.
Keyword-rich file names can help determine the relevance of search engine bots.

       Image Size & Hosting 

I think you do not know this.
Image size is an important factor in SEO. It directly affects the page loading time.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your images do not shrink the page:
  • Use .jpg format over .png format.
  • Shrink your images before uploading them. 
  • Using the CDN (Cloudflare)network will help your image optimization in site load faster in all regions of the world.
There is a crazy secret is below down.
Image hosting is another important factor in driving traffic from Google Image Search. The topics for which images are chosen for Google image search are kept secret, but some say that hosting images is one of the most important factors. It is said that images hosted on the same domain as text are given more value than images hosted on another domain, such as a free image hosting site.

       Title Tag & Image Linking 

Images are attractive so they are suitable for linking, but accurate image linking techniques can give better results. One of the primary tips for linking images is to avoid linking your images directly. 

Whenever linking your images, use the relevant anchor text of this image. This is more effective for your SEO when embedding images for the purpose of getting a link back to your site in a guest post or on other pages.
Make sure to use a title tag whenever you link your images. The title tag provides a toolbar when you hover your cursor over a link. Use relevant keywords and SEO friendly descriptions and your title tags will rock.

       How many Image should you USE  

I think anyone can not explain this in the right way of how many images should we use in a single article.

There is no specific number of images that should be used because they depend on the pages you create. For certain types of pages, even a single image is good enough and in certain situations (for example tutorials), you are probably using 10-15 images.

Conclusion: I hope, you understand everything about Image Optimization. Now you can easily implement this technique in your Blog and make your Blog's User Friendly. This technique makes your website cool. Don't worry about loading speed, it will also improve.

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Last Updated 25.04.2020

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