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Saturday, March 28, 2020

10 Benefits: Why A Student Should Blog (2020)


I think you wanted to know me why I write this post for all students to become a blogger or doing a blog.

Well, Don't worry, Here I will complete discussing the benefits of that if a Student should have been a blog.

First, blogging is a 21st-century style of writing, simple and straight forward. It comes in various forms, addresses countless issues and can certainly be in quality. 

For my money (which usually means free), Blogging provides students with the best venue for writing lessons. By Blogging, one can improve skills with language and tune in to critical thinking and understand their connection to the world.

Shortly, Let's start with infographics 1 to 5
student should blog

Let's explain it, 1 to 5

        #1: Blogging increase Student Creativity 

Blogging exercise allows a student to express their creativity. It can turn a boring paper into a fun creative process. This is one of the best benefits of blogging.

Blogger always looks into their thinking:
  • Develop unique and original content.
  • Solve the problem.
  • Express trot custom themes, titles, formats, designs and pictures that show their perspective and personality in Express.
  • Bloggers always respond to their follower feedback and comment.

        #2: Boost Student's Confidence 

People who own blogs report significant changes in their lives. Many of them suggest that they "finally understood". This may sound like a spiritual success, but it is not.

In fact, what most people like to say is that their confidence levels have improved. They are no longer afraid to say what they remember, and they feel less pressured to conform to values.

        #3: Regular Writing Sharpens the Brain's Performance 

Blogging has never been interpreted as one-shot deals, such as analytics articles, Video, Magazine reports or book reports. Blogs are committed to writing, to education, and to grow in the long term.


Bloggers always look forward to the second round. Blogs call us to feed them, or we know they will die. That is why it will sharpen the performance of Brain.

        #4: To Over Boundary their Knowledge 

When a simple student starts a blog, He/She started to know a new thing. At first, He/She starts their blog in a simple way but when they increase their blog at the next level.

 They have to know more knowledge about their niche or topic. After starting a Blog, an ordinary Student improves their knowledge by researching. 
Besides normal students, a student blogger is more knowledgable in their locality.

       #5: To Connect More People 

When a student starts their first blog, they know more people online besides their locality. Blogging helps spread lots of ideas and connections beyond your borders.
Blogging helps bring together people with similar ideas.

When you blog on a specific topic.

Sometimes they help you move your thinking forward. So many ideas have been shared through the blog, otherwise, it would not have been possible.

Shortly, Let's start with infographics 6 to 10

Let's explain it, 6 to 10

       #6: Improve Communication Skill 

Today's Communication skill is everything. Above all, writing is the kind of communication that people use to exchange thoughts and feelings. 

Let's keep it simple: If students write something for their blog every day, they will express their thoughts and feelings on a continuous basis. The more they practice through blogging, the better they become communicators.

       #7: Student Follows a Process 

By design, blogs are shared in Media, recording the process of how an idea or project develops over time. 
This emphasis on the process encourages reflection and thinking, doubling down on previous posts and responses to see how the teaching process unfolds.

As a result, Student Bloggers exactly begin to see their own writing as a process of handing over something to a teacher or saying nothing to complete an assignment.

Young writers can share the germ of an idea and seek feedback, develop this idea as a draft, and publish more perfect results for readers who have been busy growing a piece of writing. 

        #8: Earn Money 

When a student blogger upgrades their blog to the next level, He or She earns money in their blog. When a Blog's have huge traffic, more visitor, less Bounce rate, its qualified for the ADS network. 
After that, many ads networks like Google Adsense, Media.net offer you to show ads in your blog and earn money from there. 

You can always use an Affiliate network mean affiliate link in your Blog or Website.

       #9: Self Promotion or Branding 

It's a great way to promote yourself with someone else's skills or interests. By writing a blog, someone can share your knowledge that will showcase your skills in front of your potential employees, who read your blogs.

Branding is the best way to expand your network. Since a large portion of the population is Internet-friendly and many companies see their companies as a profitable practice for blogging and advertising.

       #10: To Help Others 

When you write lots of blogs. It's will help people get through a specific action or situation.
This national blog works on the treatment system for these individuals.

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At last, Now, I'd like to hear from you:
Which Point is better in this article?
I hope you fully read this article and understood why a student should blogging?

Finally, finish with the action call.

Let me know your problem by leaving a comment below right now.
Last Updated 25.04.2020


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