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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Top 11 Reasons Why People Blog (2020 Recommend)


Blogging is an essential part of life at this time. It's raining blogs. 
Blogging gives you worldwide feedback. It gives a place to speak and listen.

In general, 'blog' refers to a personal online diary that is usually concerned with a boyfriend's problem or techie news.

However, after September 9th, several new or rejected media junkie / political sites have reshaped the entire Internet media landscape.

The blog now refers to a web journal or online journal that comments on the news - often criticized by the media and generally in a rude manner - with links to stories that back up the comment with evidence.

Top 11 Reasons why people write Blog

        1. Fame/Popularity 

At first, Fame or popularity. It is the hobby of any person. When normal people see any successful person, the try to follow their habits and path.

When I used to see Lionel Messi, I wanted to become a footballer. After that, I used to see Sachin Tendulkar (a famous cricketer) and I wanted to be a cricketer. When I could see posters and film actors in newspapers and on TV, I wanted to be a film star.

It is not only for me but also all human being

This is also true of the blogging industry. When people see successful bloggers like Neil Patel, Darren Rouse, Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Aggarwal, or other bloggers who are gaining money and fame, they try to be like them.

This is not a bad view, but what they are forgetting is that these famous and successful bloggers are all blogging because it is their passion.

There are a lot of obstacles to every success, and if you want to become a famous blogger, know that it's going to take you some time to get there.

Not only is fame and fortune a confusing reason for starting a blog, but it also is not even possible. I'm sorry .....

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       2. Hobby in writing 

According to Steve Jobs, “People with passion can change the world.”

Everyone has different hobbies like drawing, dancing, singing, swimming, mountain climbing, etc.

This is the most simple reason people start blogging.

Many people like to write and they like to write for themselves. Basically, that's what blogging is about. This is why blogging started and blogging exists. Most people just want to have an online space for writing.

In addition, These people don't worry about the best blogging platforms, how to choose a Best Blog name, how to get more traffic, and how to increase the number of comments.

They just love to write and if anyone has to comment, hey, that's good too.

It said that blogging out of passion should be the biggest reason for every blogger blogging.

       3. Networking 

Blogging is the best way to met new people locally or globally. Blogging helps to spread a lot of ideas and connections beyond your boundaries. 

You can connect with your friends, family, or fans to let them know what you think about specific issues. Also, You can ask them about their opinion or share important events in their lives.
      "Your Network is Your Networth"  - Donald Trump

       4. Money 

Most people think it is an easy way to make money online and look at many professional bloggers " Oh ! I have to write some things, click a few buttons and I can make a lot of money now! " but it is not possible.

  • If there’s no passion, you’ll find making money very hard.
For those who want to tap into the rich field of online marketing, blogging can be a gold mine, but if you just want to make money, you can make more money for a "traditional" job.

       5. To connect like-minded people 

Blogging helps to bring together people who have similar ideas.

When you blog on a specific topic.

Sometimes they help you move your thinking forward. A lot of ideas are shared through the blog, otherwise, it would not have been possible.

       6. Branding and Advertisement 

Branding is the best way to expand your network

Since a large portion of the population is Internet-friendly, many companies are seeing this as a profitable practice for blogging and advertising their companies.

It's a great platform for branding products.

You can talk about your product and its features, how it works and more

Inform readers of new products that will be launched in the future and answer their questions at the same time.

       7. Self Promotion and build your personal Brand 

This is a great way to promote yourself in someone else's skills or interests. 

By writing a blog, someone can share your knowledge that will showcase your skills in front of your potential employees, who read your blogs.

This will validate your skills and help you expand your online presence and platform. This helps promote your credibility.

       8. To find a new job 

Suppose you are a programmer who is proficient in creating a website, you can start to create a blog and post-programming-related topics.

This will help to drive potential future employers to your site who might want to hire you for a project.

Or you could be a photographer. You can start a blog on your photos to try and draw people for search engines.

       9. Create a Record 

Writing open journals online can create a record for the future for personal use such as kids and families so they can refer to it in the future.

       10. To help Others 

A lot of blogs are written to help people get through certain steps or situations.

Like break-ups, diseases, parents, frustrations, etc. It's difficult to talk to anyone personally about these issues.

This national blog works on the treatment system for such people.

       11. To gain more Knowledge 

There are about half a million blogs available on the web, they cover almost every topic. 

One can acquire and share information about the topic of interest. Updating blogs regularly with the latest information is the right way to stay up-to-date with a specific field or topic events.

There are some things to keep in mind when writing a blog.

Otherwise, a blog with the latest information should be updated regularly, this is considered as a static web page for readers.

Instead, it means less credibility for the blogger and less traffic on the blog. Before starting a new blog, it is imperative that you set a goal and what you want to achieve from it.

       People Also Ask 

1. Why do people blog about themselves?

Writing a personal blog can be a very pleasant experience. You feel connected to yourself and get a better understanding of your feelings and also on your niche. Your writing skills will definitely improve. But, Most importantly you are feeling quite light and comfortable.

2. What do people want to read about in blogs?

Basically, It depends on people's interest. According to my research, People search for their problems in Google to get a solution. That is why People read Blog posts and Love it. In short, After reading Blog Post, they emotionally attached to it.

3. What are the top reasons why people stop blogging?

Patience and Focus will make you Boss.

They have no patience. So they gave up.

There are many reasons why bloggers get frustrated. Success takes time. Firstly, they have not Patience. Secondly, they have not enough traffic and Most importantly, they have not any Ads network. And many more reasons.

4. How to Earn Money from Blog?

Basically, Here is the 4 Ways to earn money through a blog:

  • Ads Network
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Sponsorship Content

5. What are the Benefits of or Best reasons for Blogging?

So, here are the Benefits of Blogging in short.

  • Express yourself.
  • If you get some attention to your blog, make your own bread and butter.
  • You can gradually improve your vocabulary and also writing skills
  • Get job opportunities in the content marketing landscape.
  • Most importantly, Social media marketing and branding your content across different platforms.
  • Optimizing your content.


In conclusion, You should know who your readers are and how to write a blog to meet your expectations.

Finally, Your blogs will reflect your personality and not something you are not.

It makes them feel like they are just going through this, but there are many others who are going through the same situation.

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Last Updated 15.05.2020

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