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Monday, September 16, 2019

Top Facts about technology 2020-Trending

Hello everyone once again welcomes to our FactSomraj Blog. Friends, in this article, I will show and describe you some interesting facts about the technology.

The most interesting thing here today is that all things are facts about the technology. Except for an in-depth study of how everything operates effortlessly and seamlessly, it can be considered one of the many mysteries there.
Facts about Technology
Facts about Technology

Did you know interesting facts about technology?

 Fact about technology: Hello friends here I will show you some interesting facts about the technology. If you are interested in it, facts about technology, so you will read it. 

How much of the world is technology?    

Every year, 2,500 or so global political leaders, businessmen and thinkers flock to Davos, Switzerland to discuss the world's biggest issues Meeting this year's overarching theme is the disruptive nature of technology.

  1. The resources encouraged by the technology are not evenly distributed
  2. Physicians and scientists have used technology to address problems that once seemed trouble.
  3. Advanced technology does not automatically mean advanced education.
  4. Technology can help save the planet …
  5. … and help destroy it if we are not careful.

Top Facts About Technology

1. Are you know, Earl Wild was the first person who performance piano in the USA. He streams it on the internet .it is the first thing on the internet which is a stream.
2. You use snap chat application but are you know in snapchat, what is the name of the carton which designed like a ghost? the name of this is ‘Ghostface challah’.

3. Are you know, in Japan, emoji translate to image and emoji translate to character .so in japan emoji means ‘image character’.

4. Are you know, why the US government paid 1 million dollars to Indiana university ? to research in trolls or means.

Facts about technology 5-10

5. On the internet what is the mean of ‘mouse potato’ it means is who uses a computer all the time and he works on the computer slowly?
6. ‘Flued concept and creative analogy’ is the first book that amazon shopping company sell in July 1995.

7. Are you know, in the world the key to the internet has 7 people. Its mean is if the internet is stopped at that time this 7 person started the internet.

8.  Estonia is the first country where the vote was on the internet in 2005.

9.  Are you know in North Korea have only 28 domains. It means in North Korea people can not use the internet independently.

10. In the servey, in the world which person uses the internet unlimitedly, means which person uses the internet all the time. His mental condition is down from other men.

Facts about technology 11-13

11. Are you know, the population of the USA has not covered internet users on the internet. Its mean in India internet users is bigger than the USA population.

12. You can not imagine, Google’s first-ever tweet on Twitter was in February 2009, and reads “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” Translating from binary into English, this tweet says “I’m feeling lucky.”

13. The first alarm clock can only wake up at 4 am.

14. When the first pointing device was invented by Douglas Engelbert and Bill English. They were part of the Stanford Research Institute), it was called the XY Position Indicator for Display Systems (referring to the X and Y axis, of course).
It was first used with a Xerox Alto computer and was exhibited by Engelbert in '68 as 'the mother of all peoples' (see YouTube). In 1968, Engelbert stopped word processing, graphics, windows, file linking, and control using a 'mouse' - all these things made them accessible to modern computers.

I hope you like our best collection of facts about the technology . Helpful, Please don't be cheap to share the collection also to your friends.

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