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Monday, September 30, 2019

Blogger VS WordPress: Which is Better ? (2020 Update)

Hey Guys, Here I will show you the difference about Blogger vs Wordpress.

  •  Which platform is the Best?
  •  Why you should choose one to start?
  •  Which Hosting Security is Best?

So, Let's dive on the topic...

WordPress and Blogger are two popular blogging platform forms on the Internet. 

They both let you easily create a blog to make money online. However, there are some major differences between them. Everyone has their own opinion.

You can start in WordPress.com with www. (your domain name).wordpress.com, and once you get accustomed to blogging, start a new blog on the self-hosted WordPress platform.

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Alternatively, you can use free Blogger.com as your launchpad blogging platform but do not stick it too long.

    WordPress or BlogSpot: Which blogging platform to choose?

    Before comparison, we should have to know "what to look for in your Blog Platform ?".

    • Easy to use: A simple and easy-to-use platform for your blog to quickly set up, add content, and grow your audience.
    • Flexibility: You need a platform that lets you add more features or use more resources as your blog grows.
    • Monetization options: Do you want to make money online with your blog? If yes, then you need to choose a platform that has a lot of monetization options.
    • Support: You may need assistance when creating, designing, or managing your blog. Check to find support when you need it.
    Describe in short : 

    Blogger vs WordPress
    And the most important thing is, you need to consider cost comparison, design options, SEO opportunities, etc.

            OVERVIEW - Blogger vs WordPress : 

    According to BuiltWith, a web technology information profiler tool.

    WordPress is the #1 most popular blog development software used by about 35% of blogs in the top 1 million sites.

    And I also compare the search terms 'Wordpress' and 'Blogger' in Google Trends.

    Here is the result.

    What is Blogger?

    Blogger is a free blogging platform that started in 1999 by Pyra Labs. And later in the year 2003, it was acquired by Google.
    So this is currently a Google-owned free blogging platform.
    Blogger was a free web hosting service that lets you create a new blog or website is free of cost.

     Every Blogger will get free web hosting and free subdomain.

    For example, your blog address will look like this.

    However, you can also connect your blog with a Custom Domain Name.

    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is a free open software that lets you easily create a website, blog, or an online store.

    Launched in 2003, WordPress now powers over 30% of all websites on the Internet.

    To create a blog in WordPress you need to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name, so you can install WordPress.

    It seems a bit complicated at first.

           Ease of Use - Blogger vs Wordpress 

    Most users who want to create a blog are not web developers. An easy blogging platform can provide the ability to present their stories to the world.

    Blogger - Ease of Use :

    Blogger is a simple blogging platform where you can create a blog in just minutes. All you need is a Google account to get started.

    To create an account with Blogger you need a Google account or Gmail ID

    Then type Blogger.com on google. 

    After opening a blogger site, click on CREATE YOUR BLOG.

    You will land on the home page of Blogger, where it will ask you.
    • Title - The name or will of your blog
    • Address - Will or Domain Name Off Your blog with free extension. Blogspot.com
    • Choose a free theme.
    That’s all, your blog is ready to use. Next, you can configure blog settings, edit your blog layout, and create a new post.

    The setup process is quite simple. 

    However, Blogger has some learning curve when it comes to theme customization. Unless you have some HTML skills, you cannot make any changes to the design.

    WordPress - Ease of Use :

    WordPress gives you full control over your blog and you can do everything you can technically.

    You host your own files, design it to your liking, and use it for any purpose (personal or professional).

    You can have full control over SEO, including adding an SEO plugin to make your blog more SEO friendly. Furthermore, you can always launch "Star Ratings" using a plugin like the latest SEO techniques such as Richer Snippets.

    You can also set up a Broken link plugin to check the Broken or Dead link of your website. If you have a broken link in your Blog or Website so Google's algorithm will Down your ranking.
    When set up is complete, you can choose the WordPress blog theme to suit your needs. A theme basically determines your blog's appearance in WordPress.

    After that, you can install the best WordPress plugin to enhance the features of your WordPress blog.

    Adding content to WordPress is easy with default posts and pages. You can easily create text content, add images, videos, etc.

          Security – WordPress vs Blogger 

    SECURITY- Blogger VS Wordpress
    Website Security is one of the more important things you should consider when choosing your blog platform. 

    If you choose not to be a secure platform, your investment and time could be wasted.

    Managing security on Blogger

    If your website or blog is hosted on Blogger, so you have the freedom to think about the security issue.

    Because your website will be hosted on the Google server which is one of the most secure platforms in the world.

    However, that also means a full-service downtime will put your blog down as well. You can't do anything to resume your blog if the blogger site is down. 

    But I think it is not possible because this is the product of google. If the Google server is down, all online work is stopped in the world.

    Managing WordPress Security

    WordPress is pretty secure but since it is a self-hosted solution you are responsible for security and backup. 

    There are lots of WordPress plugins that make it easy for you.
    Such as Akismet provides you security from Spam comments and log in.

    For example, you can use UpdraftPlus to create backups or vault press and web-application firewalls to improve site security.

           Ownership – Blogger vs WordPress 

    Who Owns Your Blog on Blogger?

    Tech Giant Google is a blogging service provided by Blogger. It is fully free.
    And reliable, also has enough features to publish your content on the web most of the time.

    However, it is not by you.

    Google runs this service and has the right to terminate or terminate your access to it at any time.

    Who Owns Your Blog on Wordpress?

    WordPress is an open-source software not owned by any company, so free to use and easy to change the content management system.

    You are responsible for maintaining your content here because all your data will be stored on your own hosting.

    WordPress gives you overall freedom to play on your own property, but Blogger is one where someone lets you play around with their situation.

           Control and Flexibility – WordPress VS Blogger 

    At private tuition, I was thinking, how to make money online at that time one of my friends told me that I will make money online through the website. Then he tells me about WordPress.com.

    At first, I make a website in WordPress .com but I can't handle it. Then  I go to Blogger.com and there I easily customize my website but there is some problem that you can not add any other javascript, PHP, and any plugin for SEO.

    Then I heard about WordPress.org. that it is open-source software, so you can add almost any functionality imaginable to your WordPress blog with plugins and third-party integrations.

    There is a thousand of free and premium theme that you can implement on your Blog or Website to look Pretty. Also, there are many plugins that help you for Blog's Ranking.

    If you have coding skills so you can add your code in your WordPress blog but not in Blogger.

    When comparing the WordPress vs Blogger flexibility option then I will tell you WordPress is Best.

           Future – Blogger vs WordPress 

    Hey guys, I was thinking Why Google has no update in Blogger for a long time?

    Blogger is a fully Google service. The future of the blogger is in Google service. We have seen Google kill their product such as Google Adsense, Google Reader for feed.

    But Wordpress is one open-source software which means it is not dependent on one company. This open-source software was maintained by a community. The future of WordPress is bright and reassuring.

    Well, it looks like WordPress has its drawbacks too but the reality is Only $ 50 / year investment or may be everything is easy to manage Max $ 100 / year.You can manage security, backups, and performance using the free pluginAnd you're good to go.So no worries, the next guide will give you all the list of pluginsYou will manage everything you want for free.

    Here is a handy chart, explaining the feature differences between BlogSpot vs. WordPress.com vs. Self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org):


    1. Is Blogger or WordPress better?

    Blogger platform is better than WordPress when you create a blog for any other reason than you are writing. To make money or create a long-term impact, the WordPress platform is Better.

    2. Which is the easiest blog site to use?

    It is a Joomla! 
    If you are looking for a complete content management system, Joomla is another great option for bloggers.

    In terms of ease of use, Joomla may have more of a learning curve than WordPress.

    3. Which is better Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr?

    Wordpress.org is better than Blogger and Tumblr. P.S: Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org are different. I think the best to start with is a blogger because unlike WordPress blogger hosts for free unlimited traffic and it is easy to customize a blog on blogger.

    4. Which is a better blog or website?

    Blogger is the best platform when you are creating a blog for the first time. But if you continue this blog as your professional or business then you have to migrate your blog Blogger to WordPress. 

    After that, you can customize your blog as a profession. And you can upgrade your blog to the Website.

    5. Is it worth blogging in 2020?

    Obviously Yes, 

    Blogging is worthwhile in 2020. Blogging has been coming forward since it first appeared in 5, and it is used as a unique platform for anyone to express their thoughts, ideas, but today, blogging has grown into a platform for millions of people, even from a business.

    6. Is Blogger still good?

    Blogger is one of the main blog platforms on the Web and is now owned by Google. Not suitable for many web projects, though Blogger, despite his age, is a solid, simple platform for web publishing.


    I think you like and share with us our best collection of this Blogger vs Wordpress Post 2020.

    If your goal is to make a blog as a personal Blog so. Blogger is the best platform. But if you continue your blog as a profession then you have to migrate your blog in Wordpress,

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    Last Updated 18.05.2020


    1. Howdy are using Wordpress for your site platform? I'm new to the blog world but I'm
      trying to get started and create my own. Do you need any
      html coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!

      1. If you choose bloger platform then you have to know some coding knowledge


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