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Thursday, September 5, 2019

10 Best Blog Name Generator FREE (2020 Recommend)

Hey Guys, If you are looking for Best Blog Name Generator, So you are in right place.

What is the first thing to create a Blog Or Website? A Domain name Right? But choosing the best Domain name for your blog is NOT easy.

You will want something that is memorable, unique to you and your business, and something that can be related to your keywords for SEO purposes. There are literally thousands of articles on how to choose a great domain name for a blog or website.

So how do you choose a memorable domain or want to come up with a list of creative blog names? The simple tip is to use a domain name generator.

Why should you use a blog name generator?

There are some reasons & benefits to using a blog name generator which include the following :
  • You're just out of ideas so you can get an incredible idea for naming your blog or website.
  • Almost every domain name you type in domain registration has already been taken so you are trying to get rid of that situation.
  • This tool helps you quickly understand a ton of new and potential domains for your website.
  • You can enter any relevant. And highly relevant keywords relevant to your business and come up with lots of domain ideas.

That being said, here are some of the best blog and domain name generator tools. And you can use to name your website or business quickly. Let's get started.


  • 10 of the Best Blog Name Generators to Help You Choose A Great Domain
blog name generator

10 of the Best Blog Name Generator to Help You Choose A Great Domain

Quick Note: If you do not have any Hosting Account yet. And looking for the best and cheap Hosting Account to manage your Blog or Website, use Bluehost. (It offers great features and the  Hosting site in the world by millions of people).

1. Domains Bot 

Domain Bot is one of the best and cheap Blog name generator. Which you can use for quick domain search and it will advise you of hundreds of potential domains including TLD.

How does it work?
At first, Go to this website then Enter a keyword and hit the submit button. Then you see this tool show you hundreds of ideas that you can use as a domain for your website or blog.

It has an option where you can either select all available TLDs (domain TLD extensions such as .com, .net, .co, etc.) or you can select only the specific TLD that you want to use on your website.

You can also use filters such as synonyms and prefixes when searching for different domains to name your website or business. If a domain is available, it will show you as it is available, otherwise, you will be interested in buying premium domains from Sedo that you are truly interested in.

2. Panabee 

Using Panabee, you can easily find the domain, business name, website name, app name, etc. by entering your favorite keywords, etc.
How does it work?
Enter your favorite or long-tail keyword ideas into their search box that you would normally like to include in your domain, and hit enter to see.
This Blog name generator shows you all the available domains in blue love icons, and domain suggestions displayed with broken love icons can be considered unavailable.
If you are searching for the best domains for your site, it has a creative feature that you can use to motivate Google searches. You can simply click on suggestions and trends for domain availability. And this feature is updated every hour so you get the latest trending ideas for the domain search.

3. Name Station

With the help of NameStation, you are able to generate both a random blog title name and a blog name with keywords. Being an intelligent domain name generator, it generates word extensions that are relevant to your specific keywords.

Name Station offers you :
Random names generated keyword or domains. This blog name generator suggestions that are good blog names and keywords that are relevant. Both search suggestions and keyword lists. This tool offers you to check Bulk Domain.

4. Bust A Name

Bust A Name is another used tool for quick domain search where you can get thousands of creative blog name ideas.

How does it work?

Here's how it works. Simply type any keywords you like and add them to the list of words. it will show you available domains with different TLDs.

5. Instant Domain Search

In this article, one of the popular Blog name Generators is Instant Domain Search that helps you to quickly find a Domain name for your new website.

How does it work?

Enter your keyword and click the search button. And it will immediately start showing domains available with information (so you can contact them to pay a premium price if you want to buy the same domain).

The great benefit of using this tool is that all traffic to the site is fully encrypted which means that search results (or the domain keywords you type into their site) are not recorded.

Because this tool gives you information about WHIsGuard so you can easily know the specific domain names you want to expire so they can catch them when they expire (if you're lucky enough!).

6. Name Mesh 

When you enter your targeted words and click Search in Name Mesh, you are offered a choice of similar domain name suggestions, common small domains, SEO-centric suggestions, mix suggestions, and fun suggestions. These selections will allow you to find the perfect domain name to start your blog or build a website.

How does it work?

This Blog Name Generator gives you domain suggestions with a wide TLD as well as the hyphen or other combinations to give you the most relevant domain idea giving you the most relevant domain for the keywords you entered.

 If you want to name your startup company then the name net is also useful for you. Simply enter a keyword of your choice. Then it gives you several hundred unique, highly relevant, and useful ideas to name your startup or business in minutes.

It also provides a one-stop solution for domain registration. Then you can use different domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap, etc. And you will buy domains when available in the domain search.

7.Name Boy

The great thing about using this domain generator tool is that you can register for free on their site. Next, you log in to view and store your domain information so you can register them later.

Special Features of Name Boy

  • Later you can log in and save the available domain names to your choice in a cart to register after the domain name. You click "Login" in the top-right corner of the Nameboy search page and your desired, available domain names are saved to your domain name's search cart.

  • Your domain name search cart can be used to keep track of domain names. You just log in, click the domain cart and click "add my own name". After clicking "Manage" next to each domain in your list, you should go to the main registrar's management page.

8. Domain Typer

DomainTyper claims to be the fastest domain name search tool, and this is certainly true. In fact, as you type, you get domain suggestions.

How does it work?

As you can see from the example above, the green domain name suggestions are available to grab them immediately and you can add a few other TLDs like info, clubs, etc. if you want to find the domains nearby.

It's extremely easy to use and gives quick results (as you type) for naming your website or business. You can also use this tool to find country code TLD. A country code top-level domain (CCTLD) is an Internet top-level domain that is typically reserved for a particular country to use for their community service, and you can easily identify all country domains using a two-letter long extension using this tool. 

9. Dictionary Domains

Dictionary Domains is also conducted regular checkers for the availability of one-word domain names across a variety of TLDs (.com, .ca, .org, .io and more). There are thousands of dictionary word domain names that can still be registered at the time of publishing this article, which can be a great opportunity for any domain investor or tech startup.

10. Domain Scope

Domain Scope is one of the best domain name generating tools for getting fast forward with the relevant and available domains for your business or website.

How does it work?

Once you've arrived at their site, enter a keyword or domain you're really interested in and press the Discovery button to continue.

This will immediately give you a list of the different TLDs you have available, including the domains you can use for registration. Not only that, you can use their unique feature called "Keyword Lab" to add relevant and matching words to your primary keyword to generate even more unique and useful domain suggestions.

The best benefit of using this tool Domain Scope for creative blog name generation is that you can also find domains with traffic figures. You can also use this tool to search.

The name of the blog is directly related to the success of your branding, if you are concerned about your site's ranking, never miss finding the right blog names but here are some tips to keep in mind.

Bonus tips for choosing Blog Name Generator

Never choose a blog name different from your niche.
Always try to exclude the name from the brand name if you don't need it.
If you are planning to build site authority, choose a domain name that is easy to remember and common to everyone.
If your audience is global, make sure to select the .com extension when purchasing a domain.
If you've exceeded our detailed guidelines on domain names, you can get more ideas about which domain is best for your brand or business.

Different domain names have different prices, but I prefer that you go

  1. Godaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. Namecheap
Find the best one that is affordable in your price range as it is usually between $ 6-12 / year.

I don't think you're expecting too much after passing all of these tools and assuring you get the name of your best blog through one of the blog name generator tools listed.

How do I come up with a good blog name?

       1. Incorporate your blog’s niche  You have to know a good blog's niche.

       2. Make it unique  Think about what sets you and your blog apart. Include a unique detail, such as personal details like where you are, your interests, your career or your hair or eye color. Using these details like yours can create a powerful visual and make your blog even more memorable.

      3.Decide who your target audience will be. Knowing your target audience will help you choose a name that performs well. Your target audience is a group of readers you are writing to - you think of their age, gender, income, occupation, and geographical location when considering names.

      4. Use a name generator to get ideas  The use of an automatic generator can slightly relieve the pressure of the process and make your imagination work.

Final Word

If you are just starting out online, buying a travel domain starts your journey. That's why you have to take extra care and type and keep in mind that you have to spend quality time to get a memorable name.

Hopefully, this detailed post on the Top 10 Blog name generator will give you some ideas on how best to grab the best domains for your website, business or app. 

Let us know, if you have any questions on comments section.

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