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Monday, August 26, 2019

Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

Technology Trends: Is there a single day in your life that change has not happened? 

Every second, minute and hour, the global changes. 

And if this is the case, will technology be far behind? 

There are so many changes happening in the world because of new technologies known as innovations. 

So, let us get set and gain info on the technology trends to watch in 2020.

In this article, let us discuss the two important Tech Trends. The first is emerging technologies that can see more progress in the future and the last part is the technologies that will emerge in the future with new products. Let us discuss both aspects.

       A. Smart Homes 

This new technology has already made quite an impact in 2018. But it is going to be more popular this year. As per the brands manufacturing smart home devices, the purchases have gone up by a staggering 18 percent. The devices are many ranging from thermostats, home lighting to smoke detectors.
Technology Trends 2019

Yes, we speak about home automation and smart home. And you visualize of tapping some buttons on your mobile or giving commands through the home systems (Alexa, Google Home). Hope you understand the previous sentences. But in home automation, can all the appliances of your dwelling to belong to one brand? How difficult is it to bring coordination between devices of various brands? This is where you need the services of a home engineer to make the technology work.

Please note, that you can make a smart home, but there are changes that may have to be done. If you have bought those appliances on online websites, there may occur some problems. For example, in your Bangalore home, you have installed many smart appliances. But they are not working properly, the reason, shortage of electric power to the appliances. It is time to hire the best electrician in Bangalore to look into the situation. And for hiring them, you always have the companies who offer qualified professionals for doorstep repair services in the city.

      B. Smart Speakers and Home Systems 

There is no escaping the fact that many corporates of this era have one or two home systems in their offices. You can name Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana among the list. And there may be many benefits of having these systems in the office environment. Your boss may ask info about the stock market and Alexa can give an accurate opinion. 

Technology Trends 2019

The same aspect is used in homes but on a different level. For the homes having senior persons and suffering from mobility problems, these devices are a boon sent by the Supreme Power. The elderly person can command the Home System to switch on and off the lights. There is also an option to schedule the working process of any smart home appliances. For example, you can schedule the air conditioner to come to a certain temperature after 6 pm - the time when you return from the office.

Children and teenagers also work on the same technology to search on the mobile. They can give a voice command to search for their project topics. All these changes have given rise to the new technology called the Internet of Things. 
It is a vital example of Technology Trends in 2020.

       C. Smart Watches 

The smartwatches are considered the underdogs, but the number of purchases is rising by every month. You can see many corporate professionals having the Fitbit watch to concentrate on their health. 

      D. Self-Driving Cars 

Just for a second, allow us to deviate from the title.

Any idea why James Bond movies became successful? 

Because of all the gadgets he used to transport you to a fantasy world. By just a tap on his watch, he can make the car go anywhere. He can make his car disappear. Now the same technology is becoming real.

Technology Trends 2019

Driverless cars are being designed by the Tesla company. And there is another factor which is used in these cars. Artificial Intelligence. Did you get the hang of it? This intelligence will make the car stop at traffic signals, avoid pedestrians crossing the road, navigate to the desired location and many more. Imagine the future. Now you have Uber and Ola human drivers. Two decades in the future, you may come across a driverless car giving a ride to your favorite destination. 

      E. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality in Retail 

Have you seen the tremendous growth of e-commerce in the past decade? It is no wonder that online platforms of retail brands are doing the same amount of billion-dollar business similar to their brick and mortar parts. But there is one new technology that will take the online retail industry by storm. And it is virtual reality.

Technology Trends 2019

Imagine, you are the supervisor of a company offering mobile repair services in Mumbai. You also have an online store consisting of apparel and bridal dresses. Now, imagine if a customer has come to your online presence searching for a bridal dress. In the old era, she has to select if the dress is good and then order to get home delivery.

But now, the concept will change shortly. You can take a snap of yourself, feed in the website and then make an image of the dress on yourself. By this option, you can select the best dress.

       F. Electronic Bikes 

You cannot escape the fact all over the world, the public has taken a strong initiative to preserve natural resources. And so, they are trying to find alternatives to petrol and diesel. So, the experimentation with electronic scooters has begun. For starters, there are many companies which have introduced electric scooters in the market, but they are yet to gain popularity. Example, check the bird model.
Technology Trends in 2019

      G. Consumer Analytics 

Have you heard about Digital marketing

That is the recent word that is drawing youngsters by the dozen. Similarly, in the future, there will be marketing analytics which will be everybody’s pick. There is so much data to be collected about consumers and the general public. So, companies will make a beeline for employing persons skilled in general analytics.
Technology Trends 2019

      Ending This Article 

Yes, more technologies will come in the future, but the names are yet to be laid in words. In this article on technology trends to watch in 2020, we have focused on artificial intelligence, driverless cars, consumer analytics and more. There are some new technologies we may have missed. Ensure to put a word or two regarding them in the Comments section. 

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Last Updated 19.04.2020

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