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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Best Free Cloud Storage : Prevent Data Loss

Hey guys, once again welcome to my Factsomraj Blog.

 Let me start this post by asking a question: How many of you use local HDD or local storage to store local data?

 Have you ever thought to use the power of Free Cloud Storage and to access your data anywhere? 

If you have not been using Free Cloud Storage technology, so you are running behind back with the latest technology. 

In this article, I will show you some of the free best options in the market for everyone.

                      Best Free Cloud Storage

You have many lots of data butane of the best problem is how to keep safe them. Keeping your Data Backup in HDD is a good idea, but we never know when and of our HDD may crush. Recovering data from crashed HDD is not hard but you can not get 100% data in Guarantee. Limitations with other backup solutions like PenDrive, Flash Drive, and the like.

free cloud storage

Useful and Free Cloud Storage sites 

There is no limit to the free space on this website, but when we talk about keeping our life safe and secure in remembrance, trusting a brand and a reputed name is always a benefit. 
Here I have chosen some reliable data storage sites such as Badongo, Dropbox, which you can use and save your data. Some sites, such as Dropbox, offer iPhone applications, which make it easy for smartphone users to easily access data on their iPhone.Finding truly free file storage online is tough, but with a bit of social engineering, you can always have one of these best online storage services.

For example Badongo, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, etc.

       Google Cloud Storage 

Let me start off my list of online data storage with my favorite Google cloud storage. Here is an introduction to Google Cloud Storage. This is one of the best famous online cloud Storage service which let you have 15 GB of free space. Google Cloud Storage is available for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. You can store the file on any device and it will automatically sync to all devices.

URL: Google Cloud Storage

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And the 2nd position is Dropbox. It is the most popular free cloud storage service. Dropbox gives you 2 GB of free space. Dropbox is available for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. You can store the file on any device and it will automatically sync to all devices.

Here you can also share any files with the public or your friends using sharing links.

One of the interesting features about Dropbox is its referral program, where you can invite your friends to try Dropbox and if your friends or your followers sign up, you also get extra storage space. They also offer some premium plans of 50Gb space, 1Tb space and the like, you can choose one depending on your requirement. Another 2GB of free storage space along with a few more GBs by referral is always a great idea.

For bloggers, students people who work in groups, this service can also be very convenient for working every day. Here's a link what Dropbox is

URL: Dropbox


The box is another popular free cloud storage service website that offers up to 10 GB of free space. A well-known feature of the box is that users can drag and drop files from the web manager to the PC. The maximum allowed size of a single file is 250MB.

URL: Box

If you use the Premium version of Box, there are attractive and offers many additional features like extra security, desktop sync and the like.

       Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage 

Microsoft one drive cloud storage service launched back in 2007. It offers many cloud storage online. It started with very little storage at first but now they offer 15GB free online storage. When writing a limitation with SkyDrive, the file size and single file upload and download limit are 10 GB.

While Windows 8 will be on the market, we can expect the MS SkyDrive user base to expand, as Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 users will be able to connect the SkyDrive account to their PC to use Free Cloud Storage. Also, the single file limit will be upgraded to 2GB. The SkyDrive app is available on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone marketplaces.

URL: Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

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However, if your purpose is simply to store data and keep it safe for longer, it may be helpful to use one of the online data storage websites.

I have been using Google Cloud Storage and this is my best pick in this chart. Although, none the less, again it is all you use from the beginning and provides every feature we need. Tell us which website are you using to backup your data online?

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Last Updated 19.04.2020

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