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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Your Black Dress | 12 interesting fact|

Black Dress -interesting fact : Some ordinary things we do not know about this. Here I will show you some interesting fact about Black Dress that woman wore.

1. Fashion historians have invented the little black dress of cocoa channel and gen pants designed in the 1920's.

2. The designers wanted the Little Black dress to be available in a sustainable, versatile, cost-effective and potentially potential market, possible and neutral colors.

3. Its universality is often referred to as "LBD".

Black Dress | 12 interesting fact|

Little Black Dress

4. "little black dress" is considered essential for a complete dress by many women and fashion observers, it is believed that "fashion rule" can be arranged above or below which every lady should her own a simple, elegant black dress. . sometimes.

5. In 1926 Gabriel "Coco" channel released a picture of a small, simple black dress in the United States. It was calf length, straight and decorated only by a few lines.

6. Enjoy it called "Channel's Ford"

Black Dress | 12 interesting fact|

7. Clothing fashion creates an instant objection to the world. The black selection itself was surprising as a fashionable color. Before the channel, black clothes were associated with the clergy or slaves or in mourning.

8. A little black dress becomes popular with the Great Depression, especially through its economy and orderliness, although the line is a bit longer.

9. Technicolor films became more common, filmmakers rely on black black clothes because other colors are distorted by the screen and block the color process.

10. During the Second World War, the style continues to be widely counted for civilian women for entry into the working class and generally uniform (accessed for business dressing).

11. In the postwar period, the rise of "new faces" of diarrhea and sexual immorality of the 1950s returned the black color dress as a symbol of its identical and dangerous woman.

Black Dress | 12 interesting fact|

12. Housewife femme fatales and fall female characters in contrast to housewives more conservative dresses or more flexible Hollywood stars are often portrayed in black halter-style dresses.

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