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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How to Use Google Keyword Planner (2020)

Google keyword planner
Google does not know or hate you! 
If you write and do not rank on the first page of the search engine, it means that you make some mistakes.

Break for 10 seconds and ask yourself:

How does the search engine rank a web page? This is not a line of code that automatically determines whether a page should be on the first page of search engines.

Well, the search engine looks for signals for page rank, and it's easy for you and our article to tick and it's easy to search engines for all the signals and to enjoy all traffic.

To get that dot, let's start from here and let's start:

Keyword research is one thing that every blogger has to learn from the first day. Possibly, every blogging or SEO blog you read up to now, I'm sure that the Google Keyword Planner is not only the best free keyword research tool but also maximum use keyword tool.

I think "Keyword Research" is not a new word for you. But if not, you have no idea about blog SEO fundamentally missing.

        Page Contents
           2.What is Keyword research?
           3.What is Google Keyword Planner tools:
           3.1 Performing Keyword research using Google                               keyword tool

2. What is Keyword Reserch?

Let's know its first basics. In general, the process of identifying keyword research keywords, which receives a fair amount of search volume/month. 
#For example, keywords: "KeywordSpy", "Website SEO Optimization Tips" and so on. The idea behind the research is to find words that can give maximum traffic and find words that come with less competition. 

I will discuss the part of the competition later in this post. For example: When you search for the exact match: "WordPress SEO plugins", "The best WordPress plugin for SEO" both give totally different images in terms of traffic.

By searching for a complete keyword, you will be able to find keywords to target targeted traffic, earn more, and drive more special traffic. Moreover, when you are planning to target small targets, for example, "bug spray", searching for a keyword will help you find many new keywords that you might not want. You can analyze rival sites and they can find keywords for ranking. Comprehensive keyword research based on information can be run on immense traffic to your site. And to the end, when you get targeted traffic, you will be a sacrifice to write your blog post with SEO tactics.

3. What is Google Keyword Planner tools

At first, I asked you Google Keyword planner tool is a official product of Google. This gives us the traffic estimates of our target keywords and helps you find more relevant and relevant keywords for your expertise. Some important things to know:

To use Google Keyword Planner tool :

  • You need to have a Google AdWords account. It's free, and you do not have to spend any money to use this tool. You can simply create an adware tool and start using it.
  • You can search for existing Google AdWords coupons to create a free account for yourself and start using the  Google Keyword Planner tool.
  • This tool is designed to target AdWords advertisers, but it provides a great amount of information when searching for the right keywords for your blog and articles.

       1. Enter your Product or Service :

This is where you will be your target keyword. For example, my next post for searching keywords, and I'm not sure which post I want to keep on posting this post, for example, you do some searches based on my knowledge, and it shows me worldwide results and local searches Here the idea is good traffic, but find out a lesser word of competition. If you work on a blog with a long-term goal, then you can target high-end competitive keywords using resource pages.

       2. Search Type :

This is an important column that will take care of you. There are three options to search:

  • Wide
  • Correct
  • Phrase

Correct match: The exact search shows the traffic for the exact match. For example, if you search for WordPress SEO in a proper way, it will be different from a broad search in a great way. My suggestion, when you are writing on a personal blog, you are searching for a micro-site and a broad search, then choose the right one.

Ex: Keyword Research Broad Match: Broad match is my favorite because it lets me target Long-tail keywords and your traffic is not limited to the exact match words. 

For Bloggers, a broad match is useful, but it depends on your blog type and goal again. Ex: "Keyword-based research" Phrase: The phrase type is useful if you need keywords on the right word. 

For example: "Best Keyword Research".
Keyword location will not change, but it provides data for traffic, so that your keyword may be searched for phrase.

       3. Advanced options and filters:

This feature is set to add more filters to your search. For example, a country of volume search, language, and target device (computer or mobile device). Depending on your target audience, you can set everything with categories.

       4. Understanding Keyword Tool columns:

Notice the above image pointer 4 and now, understand the meaning of each column.

Contest: Just to clear a story about this tool, it does not look too difficult and difficult to rank for the contest field. Actually, it shows the competition between advertiser competition in that keyword. So, if you see "low" for a great keyword, then mark it and we'll see how we can easily analyze the competition.

  • Global Monthly Searches: Worldwide Search Monthly shows the average search for the last 12 months.

  • Local Monthly Searches: This shows the amount of search based on your filter. For example, in the above picture, I applied the filter as a country and noticed a huge difference between global and local search volume.

  • Approximate CPC: This column displays approx. CPC for an advertiser (cost per click). Many SEO gurus recommend using this column to find an AdSense column, and it is a good idea to choose high CPC keywords, where advertisers are even less bidding but competing.

3.1. Performing keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool:

I hope this will give you the basic idea of ​​keyword tools with Google's work, and now, we'll go to the original deal here. Using Google search, Google Keyword Research Tool or SEMRUSH and look for our less competitive but high-traffic traffic keywords.

We will use SEMRUSH to analyze the sound competition. Basically, it will help determine how easy or difficult it is to rank for certain keywords.

Now, a quick question before we start here:

Is this one good?

Are 100 targetless or 10 people targeted?

If your answer is "targeted," do not skip those keywords with less traffic. As it is relevant to your niche, it will help you in the long run.
Do not forget to check the "Google Traffic Trend" very soon, which will help you test your target keyword traffic patterns at that time.

       1. Discover keywords using Google Instant Search:

Google Instant Search is my first free techniques to find a perfect keyword. 

This is like a free keyword search tool, which you can use to create some ideas. 

Although you can not use them all, for the primary step, K / D studies are good to make some ideas intelligent. Keep any keywords related to your niche, for example; I started typing "SEO keyword" and Google offered instant search results. Depending on your post type, you can pick up some of their feelings which they feel. 

Once you've found 3-4 keywords, start adding it to the Google keyword suggestion tool and do a search. So I have selected two keywords from the list: "SEO keyword search" and "SEO keyword research" are both similar and sensible for my niche, and I can bring a post from it. Now these steps are going to be the next step to search whether to take advantage of traffic or other articles with more than just traffic POV.

Let's move to the next step:

      2. Keyword Search Analysis:

Now, I'll put both keywords in the search tool and perform a search, it will give me details of the search type and also show relevant keyword ideas. Now, this is the Sonamine word for you, it lets you find many more relevant keywords that can be targeted in the same post or else you can come up with a post-up post.

Keyword idea from keyword planner tool :

I usually target 2-3 keywords / posts. You can create your SEO strategies depending on your post's quality and length. So, for information, we have selected only two keywords shown in the above picture and when testing it, which of them is less competitive. Before that, if you have any exact match type of your target keyword to see if you can change your filter.

       What Next? 

So now, 
We have a word with us, and likewise, you can find many keywords related to your niche. It may be a little time consuming, but it's more valuable than spending non-targeted 10 posts. Now, your next goal is to write the keyword optimization article (copying the SEO), and you can mention our previous guide on-page SEO optimization.

Never forget, this keyword research is just an elementary step, and real magic starts with your content. Moreover, do not try to get traffic on the wrong keywords, it will affect your overall blog performance related to the average. The time on the site and bounce rate. For your old blog posts, if you have not optimized for any keywords, you can use Google Analytics data, for any software

For your old blog posts, if you have not optimized them for any keywords, then you can use Google analytics data, re-optimize keywords for any software and keywords for keyword research. I did this for about 30% of my old posts, and they started ranking 1-2 on the rankings.

I'll be in the same post, but for now, you can subscribe to my email for the next update. I hope this Google Keyword Planner guide will help you find the best keywords for your next article.

Do you have any problem to use this free Keyword Research Tool? Tell me.

Last Update: 15.04.2020


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