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Saturday, May 4, 2019

16 cool facts about Happy birthday song and message

Facts about Happy birthday song and message 

This article is about the song. For the book, see your Happy Birthday!
"Happy birthday (song)" redirected here. For other songs of that name, see Happy Birthday.
"happy Birthday"

Make candles "Happy Birthday", this song contains several birthday cake decorations
Published 1893
Song writer (s) Patty Hill, Mildred J. Hill (controversial)
Also known as "Happy Birthday to You", "Happy Birthday", this song is traditionally celebrated annually by the birth of a person. According to Guinness World Records in 1998, it was the most recognized song in English language, then "For How Jolly Good Fellow". The original songs of the song have been translated into at least 18 languages.

 Happy birthday song and message

               facts about Happy birthday song and message

1. If we take account of all birthdays around the world, in which month does your birthday seem to be the highest number of celebrations? Any guess? Well, August!

2. So, what percentage of the total birthday is celebrated in August? 9% of all births in the world in a given year!

3. According to the number of birthdays celebrated in one month, the next two months of August, July and September.

4. Every year in the world, 2 billion + birthday cards are sent. Well, the number of people living on the planet may be very low, but we need to consider the idea that birthday cards are not popular all over the world.

5. Birthday Cards Although the US is extremely popular. Why so? Since 58% of all cards bought in the US are actually birthday cards!

6. If you think you have been lost and you spend a lot of money on celebrating your birthday, think again! You can not compete with the Sultan of Brunei. He spent $ 27.2 million (we're talking about US dollars) for the party he has occupied on his 50th birthday.

7. So, where and how he spends so much money. Well, we can not give you details of Penny-to-Penny, but yes, she's organized for 3 concerts, which all have featured Michael Jackson. Those three concerts jointly cost him $ 16 million The rest of the money is definitely spent for other stuff.

8. Anne Frank Diary - We've read it or at least heard it. It's world famous. Did you know that it was actually his birthday gift that he came on his 13th birthday?

9. He died on his birthday, the world's most famous personality William Shakespeare Do you know that he died at the age of 52? He was born on April 23, 1564 and died 23 April 1616.

10. Some known as Golden Birthday. Every single person has this birthday. Did you know that any birthday? Well, it can not be bigger than the 31st birthday and it can not be smaller than the 1st birthday. Can you guess now? Let us be clear. Golden Birthday is the birthday of a person's date of birth and his age is similar. This means that a person's date of birth is 14 months a month and at the age of 14, it will be his 14th birthday, Golden Birthday.

                               11 - 16  facts about Happy birthday song and message

11. Until you celebrate your birthday celebrating your birthday, the whole world will enjoy at least 50,000 earthquakes.

12. Again, during the same time, the whole world will experience 76,570,430 population growth. Yes, new kids will be born!

13. Do you know that the earth travels at speeds of approximately 66,780 miles in our sun? At this speed, the earth will actually cover the last distance of 584,337,600 miles around our sun, to celebrate your last birthday and celebrate the next birthday.

14. Did you know that the average speed of the gardens is 0.03 miles an hour? So, if your graduation continues to un-stop from celebrating your last birthday until your birthday is celebrated, it will be 263 miles across. You can cover the distance with only 3-day non-stop walks.

15. Do you know that until your birthday celebrates your birthday, your heart threw 2,688,000 liters of blood throughout your body? It is necessary to be clear that only about 5 liters of blood in the average human body and the amount of blood swollen by the heart is repeated repeatedly how frequently this blood is blown by the heart.

16. Do you think how many times you breathe in the same time frame? It's a huge 10,512,000 breath! Remember that a person's average minute breathes only 20 times.
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