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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Facts of technology company

Facts about technology company: Hey guys, here I will show you some interesting facts about technology companies like Nokia , Motorola, youtube, Google etc .if you interested to know facts about technology company .so you kindly read it.

Facts of technology company

1. Are you know, when Nokia company took over the number one spot in 1998 that time nokia company is not biggest company in the world.Motorola was the biggest mobile phone seller in the world.
2. Are you know,In 1991 Motorola company launched a mobile , named ‘iDen i 1000 plus’ which was the first mobile in history to feature a two-way email and internet.                           
3. Are you know, The intial version of youtube mean youtube started his journey a dating site by the name of ‘Tune in Hook Up’  where anyone can make boyfriend and girlfriend.

4. In this time, we used a social site ,facebook .Are you know who is the first person to invest facebook ? The first person to invest in facebook was Paypan Co-founder Peter Thiel(L) who invested 500,000 USD in facebook company.

5. Are you know , the all mobile phone can’t make their mobile in their own factories but large majority of SAMSUNG Products around 90% are produced in the firm’s own factories.

6. Are you know , which is the first tweet from google ? The first tweet posted by Google was I’m Feeling Lucky (In Binary System).
7. Are you know, Google founder had no knowledge of HTML  this is why, when you open and search Google that time you don’t see many type of design.

8. Are you know, SAMSUNG was the first  firmin history to sell the watch phone and digital television and mp3 phone.                 

9. The first computer sold by apple waspiced at 666.66 USD,Which is said to be the number of SATAN.

 10. You see iPad retina. Are you know , the retina displayof IPad is actually a Samsung production.

11. Are you know, Nokia does not use 4 while naming any of its hanset in asia.Because many country is think 4 is unlucky number.

12. Are  you know atfirst the twitter is start in 140 character.why ? The reson behind twitter 140 character limit lies in its beginning as an sms service.

13. Are you know, the first GSM commercial call was made by Finish Prime Minister Harry Holkeri in 1991 from Nokia phone.

I hope you like our best collection of facts about the technology companies. Helpful, Please don't be cheap to share the collection also to your friends.


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