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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Top 11th fact about youtube company

Fact about youtube company :If everyone search some hidden fact of youtube .so it is the best place to know best fact about youtube company and videos.
Top 11th fact about youtube company

1.  Are you know, the all over of world 33% internet user can use youtube for see youtube video.

2.  In youtube , ‘Charly bite my finger’ video got the highest views in the world.

3. The 50 % mans view youtube from mobile device in the world.

4. In the servey of youtube , the average of mans who view youtube videos only 40 minutes.

5. Are you know, once a show a Jebin Jackson named model walked a ramp that time her dress was opened dropped in to ramp that time aal mans shoot her video .Then Jennit Kram named a boy shoot a video and the boy could not share the video in his friends  that time he invented Youtube.

6. If your internet connection is slow,when you see video is bufferinf that time you press the aro key and you can play snake game like google chrome.


7.  ‘Fun toys collecter’ named a youtube channel can show the small toys of Disney but the this youtuber can’t show her face she show it with her hands. Some mans thoughts that the youtuber was ‘Daiyna Dijis ‘ named a pornstar, but it was only imaggine .this youtube channel income hugly from the youtube past but now the youtube channel is not continue.   

8. The 80%  youtube viewer is not from U.S.A.

 9.  Are you know, according to youtube servey, your total views came from  30% video of your youtube channel.

10. Are you know, 1st april you go to youtube  then you show some prank will happen in your youtube . In 2008, 1st april  anyone can click other video but they can show ‘Never gona boly video’.

11  Are you know whe youtube register their domain that time ‘youtube’ named other company which company made foam ,company cased from youtube .Atlast the other company changed their named to ‘youtube online’.

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