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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Interesting facts about Google service | Most People Don't Know

Interesting Facts about Google service: Hello everyone here I will show you some interesting facts about Google service, Established of Google service and Google history. Please kindly read it.
Google information and facts


1. Are you know, ‘Google’ name came from ‘Googol’, it's used in Mathematician, it meant first 1 then a hundred 0.

2. Co-foundered of Google is Larry Page & Sergy Brin who are named Google at first "Backraf".

3. Google buys a goat in Mountain view Headquater.           
4. Are you know, Google buys new companies every weak like Android, Youtube. This company started in an independent company but these companies were sold by Google.

5. Google used a web tune that is named ‘fo.ba’ to selected who’s candidate applies to google company and their search history but required their qualification.

6. You know Google Doodle, it is made first on 30 august in 1998 . its history is when Larry Page and Sergy Brin went a circus to see ‘Burning Stick’ games. There they saw a burning man is stood in a google name logo. From this Google, Doodle is started.

7. Are you know, the private airplane of  Larry Page and Sergy Brin can land in NASA Runway. They were the first persons who can land their plane at NASA but they could not job at NASA.

8. Google buys many domains like Gogl,Googl,Googol etc because of too large their marketing. If anyone type ‘Googl’ in a mistake but that time open Google in their Browser.

9. Are you know, the first data storage of google is made from Ligo’s. Ligo’s him a toy box made from joining small boxes by children.
10. If any employee of Google has died so Google pays his 50% salary to their family for 10 years in the future.

11. It is an interesting fact that in the office of Google, some delicious food is kept in a table to eat every 150 feet. It is the rule of the Google company.

12. If you want to convert big digit to English at that time Google helps you like 92567816603=English > ninety-two billion five hundred sixty-seven million eight hundred sixteen thousand six hundred three.

13. Are you know, google could sell his google company to ‘excite’ named company in one million doller but the ‘excite’ company reject their agreement.


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